Baltic Group International operates over and above what may be expected of a traditional marine personnel business. Since the mid 90s we have provided opportunities for seafarers to work with BGI clients in shore-based positions: positions such as Technical Superintendent, Fleet Superintendent, Cargo Supervisor, Quality Manager and Shipyard Supervisor etc.
Candidates for positions such as these should normally have a Master's or Chief Engineer's certificate of competency, appropriate work experience and good administrative and organizational abilities. Great interest has been shown recently from seafarers considering a career ashore as well as from ship owners who are keen to bring expertise ‘in-house'. Presently, we are handling the following employment opportunities:

  • permanent contracts for employment and residence abroad
  • temporary contracts for specific projects abroad
  • employment based from the country of residence which requires frequent business trips

Our recent experience has shown that employment terms are becoming more flexible. The shore-based vacancies offered today are aimed at enlisting a wide range of marine specialists (Captains and Chief Mates, Chief and 2nd Engineers, Electrical Engineer Officers etc.), whose experience and competency have become required both by foreign and Russian employers. You can always find information about any available vacancies on our site.